Understanding Vet Care For Dogs And Cats

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Understanding Vet Care For Dogs And Cats

Hello everyone, I’m Megan. Welcome. I would like to use this site to talk to you all about vet care for dogs and cats. As soon as I bring my pets home, I make an appointment with the vet. The first appointment allows me to establish care and discuss a good vaccination schedule for my animals. The vet performs a thorough examination to confirm my pet is in good health. Throughout my pets’ lives, I bring them back to the vet for diagnosis and treatment when they are ill or injured. My site will cover pet illnesses and injuries along with the tests and treatments used for each medical condition. Thanks.

3 Tips To Ease Your Mind If You'Re Worried About Dropping Off Your Reptile At A Boarding Kennel

Pet boarding can be a fantastic option if you're going to be away from home and are concerned with your pet receiving the best quality care. While in-home pet sitting is one option, you may not like it due to having to keep the air conditioning or heating on in your home, along with security concerns as you likely won't have a pet sitter at your home all day. If you've decided that a boarding kennel is the best fit for your reptile pet, you'll need to take your time to make sure that you choose the ideal kennel so that your exotic pet is well cared for.

Prioritize Kennels with Exotic Pet Experience

Whether you have a lizard, turtle, or snake, it's important that you choose boarding kennels that have experience with exotic pets. Too often, people settle on a boarding kennel that specializes in just dogs and cats. The problem with this is that the quality of care may not be what you're comfortable with and the employees may not have the know-how necessary for keeping reptiles healthy.

Calling different local boarding kennels and asking about their experience with exotic pets can help give you the peace of mind that your reptile will be well cared for.

Write Up a Detailed Care Sheet—Just in Case

Another way that you can make sure that your reptile is being well cared for is by writing up a detailed care sheet. Instructions on how your reptile needs to be taken care of and things that the attendants at the kennel need to watch out for can help you feel at ease while you're away. Including as many details as possible can make a big difference in the quality of care that your reptile receives and reduce the chance of any problems occurring.

Make Sure to Bring Extra Light Bulbs

Since your reptile likely needs light bulbs for heating in their tank, it's important that you bring extra is just in case any burn out. While the employees at the boarding kennel can likely replace the lightbulb, having them around can mean that your reptile will only be without a heat source for just minutes instead of potentially an hour or longer.

Preparing for your trip away from home requires you to make plans with your pets in mind as well. By knowing how to prepare for your reptile staying at a boarding kennel, you can make sure that they are healthy and that they will receive the best care possible. Contact a business, such as Marquette Animal Hospital, for more information.