Understanding Vet Care For Dogs And Cats

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Understanding Vet Care For Dogs And Cats

Hello everyone, I’m Megan. Welcome. I would like to use this site to talk to you all about vet care for dogs and cats. As soon as I bring my pets home, I make an appointment with the vet. The first appointment allows me to establish care and discuss a good vaccination schedule for my animals. The vet performs a thorough examination to confirm my pet is in good health. Throughout my pets’ lives, I bring them back to the vet for diagnosis and treatment when they are ill or injured. My site will cover pet illnesses and injuries along with the tests and treatments used for each medical condition. Thanks.

3 Ways To Care For Your Dog's Teeth

Your pet's teeth are just important as your own and, much like your own, if not cared for properly, your dog can become subject to losing its teeth or falling victim to gum disease. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn a few ways you can help your dog take car of his or her teeth and ensure that their pearly whites stay pearly whites for years to come.

DIY Cleaning Solution

You want your pet's gums and teeth to be as healthy as they possibly can. If you're looking to do so with little cost to yourself save for the time it takes to apply a DIY solution, this mixture will serve you well. Simply stir two ounces worth of hydrogen peroxide in with a tablespoon or two of baking soda. Simply use a gauze sponge to soak up the solvent and then gently rub it against your dog's teeth and gums. If you have a small breed, it is recommended that you use a Q-tip in place of gauze. Make sure that you apply the mixture several times a week. This will help break down plaque and allow you to easily scrape it off.

Visiting A Dog Dentist

A visit to the dog dentist can provide your pet with a thorough cleaning of his or her teeth, and it is often recommended by veterinarians. During the teeth cleaning process for your dog, an anesthetic may be provided. The anesthetic will allow the dog dentist to clean your pet's teeth without worrying that your dog will become irritated or scared. This is a process that needs to be performed once every six to twelve months in order to ensure maximum cleanliness and health for your dog's teeth.

Real Bones

Bones do not just supply your dog with entertainment. Bones can also be quite good for your pet's oral health. By providing your dog with an actual bone, you are allowing to rid themselves of plaque buildup. (It should be noted that the bone in question should not be a bird bone, like chicken.)

The bones are especially helpful if you allow your dog to chew on them shortly after a meal. Allow your pet to chew upon a fresh bone once or twice a week. Boiling the bone can soften it up a bit and ensure that your pet's teeth will be safe from chipping or breaking.

For more information, consider contacting a vet or dog dentist, like those at Kenmore Veterinary Hospital.