Understanding Vet Care For Dogs And Cats

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Understanding Vet Care For Dogs And Cats

Hello everyone, I’m Megan. Welcome. I would like to use this site to talk to you all about vet care for dogs and cats. As soon as I bring my pets home, I make an appointment with the vet. The first appointment allows me to establish care and discuss a good vaccination schedule for my animals. The vet performs a thorough examination to confirm my pet is in good health. Throughout my pets’ lives, I bring them back to the vet for diagnosis and treatment when they are ill or injured. My site will cover pet illnesses and injuries along with the tests and treatments used for each medical condition. Thanks.

That’s Not for You: 4 Things Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

When you have a dog in the family, you need to watch what it eats. Dogs are notorious for eating anything that smells even remotely like food. Between digging through the trash, sniffing around the yard, and begging for scraps off your plate, your dog probably comes in contact with a variety of foods. Unfortunately, consuming certain foods can lead to some serious health issues for your dog. If you're like most people, you might not realize how many foods and beverages can be harmful to your dog. Read More