Understanding Vet Care For Dogs And Cats

Four Tips For Feeding An Older Cat

As your cat grows older, he experiences changes in his dental health and metabolism. If you don’t feed your cat properly to accommodate for these changes, his risk of diseases, from tooth damage to diabetes, increases. To ensure your older cat remains in good health, follow these tips for feeding senior cats. (Any cat age […]

Bovine Ketosis: What Every New Dairy Cow Owner Must Know

Keeping a dairy cow to provide fresh milk, butter and other dairy products was something that earlier generations of Americans took for granted as a necessary part of providing their family’s food supply. This practice became significantly less popular later as commercial milk supplies proved to be stable, convenient and relatively inexpensive. With today’s increasing […]

Safe Flea And Tick Medication Application Tips

Flea and tick mediation is available at just about every type of store. Since this medication is so easily accessible, many owners think it’s completely harmless. While this medication is definitely safe for use, this doesn’t mean there aren’t some safety precautions you should take. Make sure you are keeping safety in mind. Ask Your […]